Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston University Castle, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This famous Tudor mansion is featured in Bainbridge Bunting's classic text Houses of Boston's Back Bay (p. 308).  It was designed for William Lindsey at 225 Bay State Rd., by Chapman and Frazer in 1905.  He was a prominent Boston businessman who made his fortune with a patented cartridge belt the British Army used during the Boer War.  In 1926, Oakes Ames purchased the Castle from Lindsey's widow. He, University Trustee Dr. William E. Chenery and Chenery's wife donated the mansion to Boston University in 1939. From then until 1967, the Castle was used as the home of Boston University's presidents.  The large lot allowed a projecting ell and a walled garden adjacent to the street.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Latin Quarter, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Library Sculpture
Montreal Library

Square St. Louis