Friday, October 31, 2014

Granite Castle, Ba Da Guan, Qingdao, China

fireplace mantel photos

Mdm Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Kai-shek

Rosario Gerhardt, Qin Wang, Xiaoye Huo

Ba Da Guan, Qingdao, China

12 Hanguguan Rd., 1939 International Style,
Huang Jiamo and Luan Yanjie, architects

Ba Da Guan means "Eight Passes" named after the eight passes of the Great Wall.

wedding gown photo shoot

Princess House, built for Danish Princess

Colonial Revival - Tudor

Art Moderne, 1934, archs, Guo Hongwen, Fan Weiying, and foreign arch. Moolyoukin

tree-lined streets throughout

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lobby, Hilton Qingdao Golden Beach, Huangdao, China

Qin Wang (Acreo Swedish ICT),
raffle winner for my book Aquananotechnology
at BIT 4th Ann. World Cong. Nano S&T
BIT 4th Ann. World Cong. Nano S&T

Jade columns !

ceiling, porte cochere

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Feng Da International Hotel, Daxing, Beijing, China

20 Ronghua Middle Rd., Beijing 100176


Matsuko Japanese Restaurant, Beijing, China

sashimi on ice

let's zoom in !

miles of sushi

franchise all over Beijing

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hermosa Inn, Paradise Valley, Arizona

Lon Megargee, renowned cowboy artist and original owner and builder of The Hermosa Inn, lived his colorful life to the fullest. Among his stints as acowpuncher, bronco buster, exhibition roper, poker dealer, fireman and captain of the night police, art was where he found his passion.  Around 1913, Megargee was commissioned by Arizona's first governor, George W.P. Hunt, to create 15 murals for the state capitol building celebrating Arizona's first active government.

While living at Casa Hermosa in the 1930s, now known as The Hermosa Inn, Megargee painted three additional murals for the Phoenix library as part of the Work Project Administration under President Roosevelt. These strikingly colorful murals are of three life-size male figures: an American Indian, a priest, and a farmer, with different aspects of their lives illustrated in the background. In 1939, Megargee's paintings first appeared in Arizona Highways magazine. As a regular contributor, he was being dubbed the Zane Grey of cowboy artists. In the 1940s, Megargee was commissioned to create four paintings for the A-1 Brewing Company, two of which were to become his most famous: "Black Bart" and "A Cowboy's Dream." The latter is on display at The Hermosa Inn. Megargee is also famous for his painting of the cowboy and his horse, which appears inside every authentic Stetson cowboy hat.

original house

Mesquite Tree

view from room, Saddleback Mtn.

Dining Room

Peruvianus Cereus

Peruvianus Cereus Apple

Rattlesnake handrail

Mesquite Grill

Desert Fern (oldest in Arizona)

Prickly Pear Cactus