Sunday, July 26, 2015

H (N)Y P N(Y) OSIS, Park Ave. Armory, Manhattan, New York, New York

H (N)Y P N(Y) OSIS is Philippe Parreno's new work at the Park Ave Armory, narrative-resistant performance art combining film, sculpture, lighting effects, music and performance.  An allee of 26 lighted marquees transforms the Armory's cavernous Wade Thompson Drill Hall into a ghostly facsimile of the Great White Way, repurposed into into a giant indeterminate art receptacle.  Uzbekistani classical pianist Mikhail Rudy occasionally drops in to perform a few bars of Liszt.  Child actresses impersonate AnnLee, a manga character that Parreno bought with Pierre Huyghe back in 1999. The girls speak to anyone who listens in dreamy, soft voices, asking, “Where are you from?”  H (N)Y P N(Y) OSIS is Parreno’s second foray into the exaggeratedly ambitious landscape of Gesamtkunstwerk, where the exhibition is conceived as a work of art unto itself.  His world is infused with postmodern French philosophy (Georges Bataille, Gilles Deleuze).

view south

Philippe Parreno

Annlee, manga character

Philippe Parreno

High Line, 16th - 30th St., Manhattan, New York, New York