Saturday, June 27, 2015

Timothy's Pizzeria, Centerport, Long Island, NewYork

OMG, dare I say it ?  This is best pizza I ever had !  Jesse is witness.  Rivals anchovy pizza in Coop City strip mall

buffalo wing, heavenly

Caumsett State Park, Lloyd's Neck, Long Island, New York

Caumsett was the home of Marshall Field III, who bought 1750 acres of Lloyd Neck in 1921.  Marshall Field III (9/28/1893 – 11/8/1956) was an American investment banker, publisher, racehorse owner/breeder, philanthropist, and 3rd-generation heir to the Marshall Field department store fortune.  Marshall Field & Co. was acquired by Target in 1990.

Caumsett was one of the largest estates on the Gold Coast.  The mansion was designed by John Russell Pope.  It occupies a huge expanse of land, much of it open meadows punctuated by massive beech trees. 

front (south) facade

perfect allee

polo stables, Jacobean style

Summer Cottage, 1935

Beech tree field, glorious

rear (north) facade

interior photo through window

Marine Museum, William K. Vanderbilt II Estate, Centerport, Long Island, New York

WK Vanderbilt II built Museum to house Galapagos and other specimens retrieved with his 250-ft yacht Alva.

William Kissam Vanderbilt II "Eagle's Nest" Estate, Centerport, Long Island, New York

WKV II was great-grandson of Cornelius V.  WKV (3/2/1878 - 1/8/1944) Estate begun in 1910 by firm Warren & Wetmore.  Spanish Revival style.  He was interred in family mausoleum at Moravian Cemetery in Staten Island.

Eagles adorn gate posts, Northport Bay on horizon

dragon door handle

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Free Synagogue of Flushing, Queens, New York, New York

Synagogue is neo-Baroque (1927) designed by Maurice Courland.

Sanford Ave. view

41-60 Kissena Blvd.

146th St., Flushing, Queens, New York, New York

A verdant street of 1920s Tudors (29-34 to 29-45) entered twixt a pair of low stone gateposts of a 19th century estate.

29-34 146th St.

29-45 146th St.