Thursday, November 4, 2010

Landscape, Glass House, New Canaan, Connecticut

First time visitors have to be impressed at the thought that went into the complete landscaping of the 47 acres. Everything is thought out in meticulous detail. One of the last additions was the 1995 Gate House, termed Da Monsta, a nod to hip hop and a tribute to Frank Gehry (see my September 22 post on MIT's Stata Center).

Everywhere one looks are the original stone walls that dotted the farm scape. Most of the tree growth is second growth forest. Note the curious geometry on the concrete circular sculpture (1971) by Donald Judd. The inner circle is horizontal at every point, yet the outer circle is a constant distance from the ground, resulting in a rim that spans many angles (see photo).

A clear shot of "Brick House", the Guest House shows the windowless brick facade facing Glass House, but 3 round windows facing away from the House.

There is a shallow swimming pool with a slab of granite acting as a seat.

In the distance is the man made pond with low-ceilinged miniature Lake Pavilion (1962) and Kirstein Tower (1985), a monument (30 ft tall). Johnson referred to such structures as his "follies" - their size or shape made them unusable. He liked to flirt with danger, the Kirstein Tower has steps to the top, but no rail.

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