Sunday, December 29, 2013

BUKA, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, New York, New York

BUKA (946 Fulton St.) in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, may be the only authentic Nigerian restaurant in NYC.  Abuja (Union, NJ) is another option.  I've been reading enough Nigerian novels to have created a hankering for Pepper Soup and Jollof rice.  Buka did not disappoint.  Note to reader: blogger only one brave enough to chew on land snail !

We sampled:

grilled Tiger Shrimp with Suya Spice
Goat Pepper Soup with a healthy amount of Tripe
Igbin - large West African land Snails
Edikaikong - mixed meat cooked in spinach with Crayfish and Periwinkle
Dundun - like Yuca
Dodo - Plantains
Jollof Rice
Fufu - Yam "mashed potato" in appearance

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