Monday, September 1, 2014

Catherine Bakery, Flushing, Queens, New York, New York

40-49 College Point Blvd.
Have you ever eaten (well, drunk) Chinese yogurt, a staple at breakfast buffets in Mainland China, often served in shot glasses ?  You can relive the drinking yogurt experience at Catherine Bakery on College Point Blvd right under the LIRR overpass.  It is served with a straw.

Some claim this is marketed as Jing Yogurt in Chinese supermarkets.  Pavel Russian Yogurt is supposed to be similar.  It has also been noted that Kefir is similar.

It has been suggested that in Chinese drinking yogurt:

1. the yogurt culture is very much alive, unlike the dead ones in the pasteurized (meaning sterilized) yogurts in the US
2. no added thickening agents (like in the yogurts sold in the US grocery stores)
3. the milk is not homogenized (meaning that the milk fat floats to the top, and has not be blended into a homogeneous liquid), giving the yogurt a natural milk character.

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