Sunday, November 2, 2014

Former Kiautschou Government Office, Qingdao, China

1914, arch. Hans Fittkau
The Kiautschou (German spelling) Bay Concession existed from 1898-1914.  In Nov 1897, the German Navy seized Jiaozhou Bay under the pretext of ensuring that reparations were paid for the murder of two German Catholic missionaries. The Germans set up wide streets, solid housing and a sewer system and a safe drinking water supply, a rarity in Asia.

After a minor British naval attack on the German colony in 1914, Japan occupied the city and the surrounding province during the Siege of Tsingtao after Japan's declaration of war on Germany in accordancewith the Anglo-Japanese Alliance.  The failure of the Allied powers to restore Chinese rule to Shandong after the war triggered the May 4th Movement.  The city reverted to Chinese rule in December 1922 under control of the Republic of China.  Japan re-occupied Qingdao in 1938 with its plans of territorial expansion onto China's coast.

built in final year of German control

adjacent ally

adjascent residences

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