Saturday, December 3, 2011

Canopy Walkway & Atta Rainforest Camp, Iwokrama, Guyana

Atta Rainforest Camp is located just off the main Linden-Lethem road. "Atta" means hammock in the local dialect (Makushi). Happily, new huts have been built with doors so one can sleep soundly without keeping an eye open looking for bushmasters crawling around the grounds. The camp is operated by a consortium of the local village (Surama), Wilderness Explorers (our tour operator) and Rock View Lodge.

We saw a number of birds, including the rare crimson fruit crow. Others included the Amazonian pygmy owl, oropondula, red & green macaws, black colored hawk, screaming piha, various hummingbirds, rusty margin flycatcher, curassow, lineated woodpecker, wedgebill wood creeper, and the long tailed hermit. Mammals included howler monkeys, agoutis, spider monkeys and a parrot snake (slithering along the Canopy Walkway, no less !). We took a dusk walk along the main road searching for anacondas, but only saw their "footprint" in the form of swaths of crushed tall grass. Snakewise, one had to be careful, but rock-hard falling suya nuts the size of soft balls could also knock you out !

The Canopy Walkway consists of a series of suspension bridges and viewing decks up to 100 ft above the rainforest floor and 450 ft in length. We had to be careful of bullet ants (over one inch in length !) that were scurrying along the cables - they give a very nasty bite ! The aluminum walkway is adjustable allowing the trees to continue growing. The path has a rock with ancient petroglyphs.

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