Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Downtown, Georgetown, Guyana

The Stabroek Market is the centerpiece of downtown. In 1881, the corrugated-iron building and signature four-faced clock covered an open-air market dating to 1792.

The High Court (red roofs) dates to 1887, mixes Gothic and Tudor architecture. It is stood guard by a marble statue of Queen Victoria (1894). The statue had been vandalised and later repaired.

The neo-Gothic City Hall (1889) was designed by Father Ignatius Scoles, perhaps the most striking of colonial wooden architecture in Guyana.

The Prime Minister's residence (Main St.) was built in late 19th century for Mr. Sandbach, the director of Booker Bros., a shipping firm. Legend has it that he used to sit in the top of the square cupola to watch the ships come into port. The captains would always have the port side of the boats freshly painted.

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