Wednesday, February 25, 2015

La Gruta, State of Mexico, Mexico

Does the insect version of caviar appeal to you ?  Well, there is a special ant that is the source of ant larvae in Mexico, called escamole.  Escamoles are the edible larvae and pupae of ants of the species Liometopum apiculatum and L. occidentale var. luctuosum.  They are harvested from the roots of the Agave tequilana (tequila) or Agave americana (maguey—mezcal) plants in Mexico.  They are most commonly consumed in Mexico City and surrounding areas. Escamoles have been consumed in Mexico since the age of the Aztecs. They taste buttery and nutty, with a texture akin to that of cottage cheese.  You can eat escamole at La Gruta, near the pyramids, founded in 1906.


on a tortilla

restaurant in grotto

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