Saturday, March 15, 2014

Paterson Museum, Paterson, New Jersey

The Paterson Museum is located in the former Rogers steam locomotive bldg.  Noteworthy exhibits include John Holland's submarine and the Spirit of St. Louis plane engine that took Charles Lindbergh to Paris.  Early pistols from Colt predate the factory's move to Hartford, CT. 

2 Market St.

silk loom
Colt firearms

Fenian Ram submarine
Fenian Ram is a submarine designed by John Philip Holland for use by the Fenian Brotherhood, American counterpart to the Irish Republican Brotherhood, against the British. The Ram's construction and launching in 1881 by the Delamater Iron Company in New York was funded by the Fenians' Skirmishing Fund.  During extensive trials, Holland made numerous dives and test-fired the gun using dummy projectiles. However, due to funding disputes within the IRB and disagreement over payments from the IRB to Holland, the IRB stole Fenian Ram and the Holland III prototype in November 1883.  They took the submarine to New Haven, CT, but discovered that no one knew how to operate it. Holland refused to help. Unable to use or sell the boat, the Brotherhood had the Ram hauled into a shed on the Mill River.  In 1916, Fenian Ram was exhibited in Madison Square Garden to raise funds for victims of the Easter Rising. Afterwards, she was moved to the NY State Marine School. In 1927, Edward Browne purchased her and moved her to Paterson,

World Trade Center fragment

silk loom

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